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What Are The Benefits Of In-Depth Workstyle And Personality Assessments?

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Meditations for the Holidays

Featured Guest: Paul David Walker, Founder and CEO, Genius Stone Partners

Date: Thursday, December 9th
Time: 11 am PST
Duration: 45 minutes


“LCS observes and provides insight as to what is going on underneath the surface. They are the e-harmony of business.”

Larry Cassidy, Chair Vistage International

“Lighthouse has saved us so many dollars and cents and has helped us avoid making costly mistakes.”

Air Louvers/Samson Products

“We have been utilizing the services of Lighthouse Consulting for over 10 years. While the reports provided through their personality assessment process can demonstrate a prospective employee’s strengths and weakness, the verbal insights and analysis offered by Dana and Ellen are without question the most important part of their service. We have found them to be spot on in their assessments. I wouldn’t consider hiring someone without first consulting Lighthouse. If you aren’t using their services, you are doing a disservice to your company. At the conclusion of every assessment, I always ask Dana and Ellen for a ‘thumb rating’ on the candidate– is it two thumbs up, down or sideways. For Lighthouse, it’s definitely ‘two thumbs up!’”

Eric Maryanov, President All-Travel

“Lighthouse provided me and my team with the information we often overlook while evaluating the actual operations of an organization. Lighthouse provided the most valuable tool in understanding the first of many of the operational aspects…the personalities of those involved. Without a firm understanding of the personalities of the personnel within your organization, you may never understand “why” the culture of the operation takes the shape it does.”

Robert Davis, Founder & CEO AVID Ink
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