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Managing Stress in Our Lives

By Ellen & Dana Borowka, MA As we deal with the various issues like the pandemic, the fluctuating economy and racism, we all need to be thinking as clearly as we can in order to stay a step or two or three ahead of the curve. The stress or “fear” of the future can prevent […]

Establishing Great Mentoring Partnerships

By Tenny Mickey, PhD It has been proven that people in organizations who are receptive to positive mentoring enhance their performance faster, enjoy more positive exposure, and appear to enjoy their work better than those who are not. Effective mentors also derive great pleasure from supporting others as they advance their careers. A relationship built […]

Hire Right The First Time: Are You Tired of Not Knowing Who You are Hiring?

By Dana Borowka, MA In this day and age, making the wrong hiring decision can cost a minimum of 2-3 times the annual salary! That’s a high price to pay, and it’s a conservative figure when you factor in the emotional pressures of training, evaluation, termination and then starting the hiring process all over again. […]

How to Conduct Remote Job Interviews

By Dana Borowka, MA Many companies struggle to find the right candidates for their organization. Having a small radius to find the right talent can add to these challenges. The solution is to open up the geographic area for recruiting because that opens up a whole new talent pool. Now your company can target specific […]

Time to Develop a Remote Workforce Strategy

By Patty Crabtree & Dana Borowka Our work environment is evolving. Despite concerns about employee productivity, data on the American workforce indicates that the remote worker trend is picking up steam. Is it time for your business to embrace a remote workforce? U.S. businesses are doing the math, and the math says the remote-worker option […]

Grow Your Business! 10 Winning Strategies for the New Decade

By Patrick McClure Congratulations, and welcome to the New Decade. Today we start writing the history of YOUR business in the 2020’s. What will it include? Will we see spectacular growth, stellar revenue production and champagne toasts? Or will your decade be filled with lost business deals, declining revenue and sour grapes? The outcome is […]