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How to Increase Revenues With Market Research

By Henry DeVries “As a venture capitalist, I get pitched dozens of times every year, and almost every pitch contains ‘market research’ lies,” says Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon-Valley based author, entrepreneur, and evangelist. “I am often accused of ridiculing market research and focus groups. Guilty as charged.” Kawasaki says useful market research can help you […]

Defining Your Culture and Hiring Strategically

By Patty Crabtree Picture in your mind a race car speeding toward that waving checkered flag as it prepares to cross the finish line. If you think of a company like a high-performance car, culture is the oil that allows everything to run smoothly to help achieve your goals. Culture reflects what is greatest, genuine, […]

Time To Leverage Your Staff For Higher Productivity

By Doug Clute In his business classic Good to Great, Jim Collins said: “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” Famously Collins says you need to have the right people in the right seats on your bus. In business, profits and shareholder returns can be linked to productivity growth, which can be directly linked to […]

Hire Right The First Time, Part 2

By Dana Borowka, MA Is your company still hiring employees using the same process it did five years ago? Think carefully about the question for a moment. Is the company recruiting, screening, interviewing, and verifying using the same techniques and procedures as in the past? Next question. Do you wonder why so many of your […]

Finding Forgiveness

By Ellen Borowka When there’s hurt, anger, betrayal – how do we find forgiveness? How do we let go and find peace? It can be a hard thing to do. ‘Forgive & forget’ is what we hear, and when someone is having a tough day, that may be easy. But what about situations where one […]

Hire Right The First Time: Are You Tired of Not Knowing Who You are Hiring?

By Dana Borowka, MA In this day and age, making the wrong hiring decision can cost a minimum of 2-3 times the annual salary! That’s a high price to pay, and it’s a conservative figure when you factor in the emotional pressures of training, evaluation, termination and then starting the hiring process all over again. […]

Stop Trying to Shortcut the Hiring Process

By Dana Borowka If they hadn’t gone on a “shortcut,” the world probably wouldn’t know who the Donner party is today. There is a lesson in this infamous tragedy for all hiring managers. For the wagons of the Donner party, a group of 81 westward-bound pioneers who were stopped by a blizzard at the gateway […]

Managing Stress in Our Lives

By Ellen & Dana Borowka, MA As we deal with the various issues like the pandemic, the fluctuating economy and racism, we all need to be thinking as clearly as we can in order to stay a step or two or three ahead of the curve. The stress or “fear” of the future can prevent […]